New Single: Time Ft. REKS

Buck-N-Nice continue their aggressive approach to content release, leading up to their sophomore album drop this spring. Just one month after their first single, the duo are back with a heavy hitting record in ‘Time’, featuring REKS, a long time favourite artist for the two.

‘Time’ speaks on the reality that we all try to convince ourselves that things will get easier in time, with topics such as walking away from the fast life, mental health, and balancing music ambition at the forefront. This record is an example of how our biggest strengths can be our greatest weaknesses if we allow that to be the case.

“…and I’m just stuck in the middle/
little be known, my mind was something as brittle,
it’ll be shown, through these pages of my story – as I’m clutchin’ these scribbes/
another hour glass succumbs to the trickle, and I’m still ****** up”.

Since the release of their debut, “Us Versus Them”, BNN have gone on to perform at some of the biggest music festivals, sold out shows, and are recipients of Stingray Music’s Rising Star Award. After a hiatus to take care of family matters, the duo are back, hungrier than ever, with the know-how they once lacked.

Much like the rest of EMAG, ‘Time’ has no filler. It was carefully produced and written to convey a message that’s relatable to anybody, from any stage or walk of life. Hopefully ‘Time’ helps others dial in on their personal demons and work through them before their hour glasses drop the last grain.

“All I need is time, I know this karma gonna come to me/
Only watch my back, there ain’t no front to me”

“Care Less” Video Release Party

Buck-N-Nice is hosting a video release for their new single “Care Less”. There will be a exclusive premier of the video as well as a feature performance by Tapas.

Friday February 9.
Early show starting at 7:30PM

Bar Robo, 692 Somerset St W, Ottawa.

RSVP by emailing

New Single: Care Less


Buck-N-Nice are attacking 2018, and their sophomore album release, with a purpose. “Care Less” is the first of several singles promoting the 14 track project that lets people know where they stand with just about everything. From the smoke and mirrors and snake moves of the suits and fellow artists in the game, to their no hold bars approach to real life matters.

Since the release of their debut, “Us Versus Them”, BNN have gone on to perform at some of the biggest music festivals, sold out shows, and are recipients of Stingray Music’s Rising Star Award. After a hiatus to take care of family matters, the duo are back, hungrier than ever, with the know-how they once lacked.

Much like the rest of EMAG, “Care Less” is a different sound from the traditional sound BNN started with. It’s a cross to the commercial while maintaining the integrity of the underground. Buck-N-Nice have never been shy about calling people out, and this is a prime example. Obtaining top tier status in their own lane took one album, so now they’re out for the next throne. This record is challenging the fakes they’ve encountered on the way, and the ones they haven’t met yet. Real recognize real, and they don’t see too many people out here.

What does confidence mixed with hunger sound like? This!

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CONTEST TIME! Want to win a $100 pre-paid credit card? We’ve done it before, and we’re back with another one. We need 250 followers on Spotify to verify our account, which gives us control over our page. If you help us get verified, you’ll be entered into a draw for that $100 pre-paid credit card, which will be announced in a live video at a date to be announced.

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Much love to everybody who’s been supporting us. We’ve got a lot of big news coming your way. Buck-N-Nice, baby.

New Single: Real Ones (ft. Dee Ghabrial)


Buck-N-Nice are back with a new single from their forthcoming sophomore album, EMAG, and it’s…kind of a big deal.  Steering clear of what others are doing is nothing new for BNN, but this record could be placed in it’s own sub-genre. The song now is available on all major platforms. Check it at the links below.

Spotify (Album and Clean)
iTunes (Album and Clean)
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Buck-N-Nice wins the Stingray Music Rising Star Award


We’re extremely humbled to announce that we won the Stingray Music Rising Star Award at CityFolk festival tonight! We can’t thank everybody enough for all the support over the years. We keep hustling harder and harder to match the opportunities being presented to us; and we owe it all to you guys.

We want to thank Mark Monahan, and his entire City Folk team, especially Lindsay and Emma for all their work coordinating the event, and giving us another opportunity to earn new fans and connect with dope people. We want to thank Stingray Music for this award, which will help fund our sophomore album release (pressing vinyl, a music video, a tour). Big ups to the judges who came through our show and brought good vibes back to the panel.

Between our support base, and the opportunities being presented to us, we know damn well how blessed we are. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everybody that helps make this hustle so worth the late nights and early mornings.

We’ll be doing a draw for 3 prize packs, as promised, tomorrow night during our studio session. We’ll post it online so you can see it being done. Stay tuned for more info on that.

Nothing but love. Buck-N-Nice, baby!

Vote for us to help us fund our Canadian tour!

We’ve been nominated by CityFolk for the Stingray Music Rising Star Award, where with the help of your votes, we have the potential to win $3000. That’s money that we plan to put in to a cross-country tour and local shows with some great headliners for you guys.

We’re looking for your support in making this happen. Simply click the link below, select our name from the list of nominees and vote for us everyday!

As always, your support is much appreciated. We can’t wait for you guys to hear the new on our upcoming album, EMAG.

Buck-N-Nice release new music video for “Welcome to Infinity”

On March 5th, Buck-N-Nice released visuals for “Welcome to Infinity”; their first video single from their forthcoming sophomore album, EMAG (slotted for a summer 2016 independent release). The video was filmed in a single day at various locations of historic monuments in Toronto by Boom Shoal Enterprises, who also directed, produced and edited the piece.

Impressed by their body of work, which includes music videos for some of Canada’s most prolific rap artists, Buck-N-Nice reached out to Boom Shoal’s Director, Dan Jardine, and Producer, Alexandra Zampino, with the hopes of collaborating on the visuals for this powerful single – a song that unveils the real truths about our Nation’s past. The song was well received by the pair, and the film concept they thought up painted perfect imagery to match the record. The dull color correcting sets the tone as the seamless transitions walk the viewer through a constant changing setting of various historic statues.

“We decided this was going to be the first single from the album before it was even finished. It was originally an a cappella single verse for live shows, that was written as a poem, but after being approached by multiple people about how the content was slightly offensive or bold, we were slightly offended and decided to get bold,” says SawBuck, the rapper half of Buck-N-Nice. “This song is to wake people up. Offended? Say it. We don’t write lies to make people feel comfortable.”

It’s a dark song with heavy underlying messages, which is why the visuals were shot in such a way to encompass this mood. Everything was calculated to best portray the theme that the history books are missing a lot of what really happened, with the victors deciding what will be passed on in their stories, taught as facts.

Buck-N-Nice are known for being real before real was cool. This is just another example of how they’re able to convey socially conscious material in a catchy way. This record is written about the unjust past and present treatment, genocide and assimilation of First Nations Peoples of the Americas, but can still be related to other cultures who’ve experienced or are experiencing similar injustices. If it makes people uncomfortable, it probably means they know it’s true.

Download the single here:  iTunes  |  Google Play  |  Amazon

Buck-N-Nice are rapper SawBuck and producer DJ So Nice, a Canadian hip hop duo that were real before real was cool. Hailing out of the Nation’s Capital, they’ve positioned themselves as the unicorns of this rap business.

Buck-N-Nice contact:
For more information, photos or interview requests
Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram

Boom Shoal Enterprises contact:

“Welcome to Infinity” Video Release Party ft. Special guests F.Printz, Circa Beatz



Join us for the celebration and premier of the new Buck-N-Nice music video for “Welcome to Infinity” (video crafted by Boom Shoal Enterprises).

The night will also feature perfromances by:
F.Printz (performing songs off “The Cold Capitvl Project II”)
Circa Beatz (with a live drum machine beat showcase)

Taking place at Flapjack’s (354 Preston St., Ottawa)
Entrance is $7, event starts at 10PM.

RSVP on our Facebook event page

Listen to Buck-N-Nice’ “Welcome to Infinity”

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Being a New Independent Artist


Things have changed for both better and worse for music artists during the past decade. Happily, the distribution game has changed significantly, making it easier for new artists to sell and promote their music independently. But sadly, at times, it feels like the game has become over saturated with wanna-be artists – and so cutting through the noise and establishing a presence in the scene is still difficult.

Below are 10 gems that we’ve picked up after a couple of years of hustling our own music. We figure this will be helpful advice to many new artists on the come-up.


1. Don’t half-step

Do try your best to be as professional as possible

The internet is flooded with good music, so what chance is there that a poor recording will stand out against so many great recordings? A good song has at most 30 seconds to capture the listener’s attention, and if your music sounds bad, you’ll have even less than that. Don’t settle for mediocre, and don’t put out unfinished and unpolished material. If you sound good, your music will be taken more seriously.

And professionalism doesn’t just stop at the music. To be professional also means to look and act the part. Every professional artists needs to have a website, stock of professional photos, business cards, a well-written bio and an up-to-date electronic press kit. These items become essential parts of your arsenal of promotional material.

2. Don’t be lazy

Do put in work.

You’ve heard about SOCAN but want to learn more about it? Do some research! You see that your peers have their music on iTunes and Spotify, but you’re not sure how to make that happen? Find out! You have a gig coming up, and you’re not sure of how to get some local press? Send some emails!

Success comes from gaining knowledge, and making an effort. Don’t sit around and wait for handouts. Don’t rely on other people. And don’t rely on going-viral to be your ticket to success. You have a better chance at succeeding by working hard than doing the bare minimum and hoping to get noticed by a major label.

3. Don’t be afraid to monetize

Do have a plan to build some cash flow

Making good music requires some good time and effort, and a lot of money spent on gear. And promoting your music properly requires more than twice that effort and cost. Without a plan to at least break-even, you don’t have much more than an expensive hobby on your hands.

You don’t want to charge people for your music? That’s fine. Do you! But at least find other ways to monetize and create cash flow. Selling merch, paid gigs, promoting your own shows, applying for grants and filing your royalty reports are only some of the many ways you can begin to build a war chest of funds.

And always give your fans the options to buy your music, even if you do release it for free.

4. Don’t do it for the money

Do it for the music

Until your operation becomes profitable, don’t pocket that cash once you get it. The idea is to be smart with the money and invest it back into the music. Put that money towards buying more merch. Spend some money on marketing and PR. Use the money to cover the cost of the promo and marketing for your next album release party.

Doing these things well will allow you to continue to build on your success which will allow your cash flow to continue to snowball into a bigger boulder of loot.

5. Don’t ignore criticism

Do invite advice

Take every opportunity you can to receive input and advice from others, especially those who have more experience than you. And I’m not just talking about advice about your music, but also about your operations. If people aren’t showing up to your shows, find out why. If journalists never show you love, find out why. If blogs won’t post your songs, find out why.

Finding out why isn’t always an easy task though. It’s about meeting the right people who can offer the right advice and point out how you might be doing things the wrong way. You need to acknowledge what ever it is that you don’t know or understand, and listen to others who might have those answers.

6. Don’t be a hermit

Do perform live, network, and support others

A strong live performance is one the most important things for any aspiring artist. It legitimizes you as a performer and a serious artist. Most importantly though, live events are one of the best places to network with others and make new fans, friends and connections. It quickly becomes an essential way of growing your support base.

Beyond that, its important to maintain regular face to face contact with your network of peers as often as possible. Ever heard the term out of sight, out of mind? Well, that happens to artists… a lot. For instance, when someone’s organizing a big show or festival, they’re most likely to book those who are top-of-mind, and often forget about those that they haven’t seen in a while. Making an effort to show up to events, meeting up with other artists for dinner, and keeping in touch with networks in other cities is the type of persistence that can help you in staying active and relevant in your circles.

And lastly, support others that you think are dope. Not just other musicians, but also rappers, chefs, dancers, painters – what ever it is, if they’re doing cool shit, and you dig it, let it be known. Chances are, when that time comes around where you’ll need people to show you some love, those that you support will be right there to support you back.

7. Don’t forget to promote the old fashioned way too

Do maximize your reach

While maintaining a steady social media presence is an important part of any artist’s promotional tactic, you shouldn’t rely on it as the only way for others to feel connected to your music. Make sure you’re not neglecting the older but equally important means of making an impact.

One of these ways, again, is to do live shows. Opportunities to be face-to-face with your fans certainly aren’t as frequent as your social networking communications, but this only serves to make them more special, giving you a chance to leave a lasting impression that you could never achieve online. And when promoting these shows, don’t underestimate the power of posters and distributing flyers hand-to-hand. This kind of old-school marketing is a strong way to reach new audiences that aren’t necessarily within your social media circles.

As well, make sure to start building up your database of emails! If used right email is a powerful tool to make that fan relationship grow, maintain contact with the press, keep in touch with promoters and service your music to DJs. There’s tons of ways to collect emails these days. Whether it’s sharing a free download for an email, putting a subscription link on your website, swapping business cards with industry professionals, or having a sign up sheet at your merch table, collecting and maintaining emails is an essential part of any artist’s communication strategy.

8. Don’t follow the herd

Do create your own lane and stay true to you

Rap especially has become over saturated with fake artist who just say and do what ever is trendy. But always remember: authenticity is everything. Having your own sound and sharing your own honest message is not only about “keeping it real” but it’s also the only way to maintain longevity in this game where trends disappear just as quickly as they show up.

With so many artists following the same trends, this allows you to more easily create your own lane and differentiate yourself from the herd. It’s about standing out, not blending in.

9. Don’t fake your numbers

Do be honest and spend your money on something smarter

Don’t pay for fake plays, fake friends, or fake followers. It amazes me how many people are still trying to buy their way to fame. But all those fake numbers don’t equal real fans, so what does it achieve really?

I guess those that do it believe inflated numbers will impress people. But which people? Well, I guess that’s where artists’ motives differ. It could be labels, bookers, managers, fellow musicians, friends… even themselves – yes, it’s a more common delusion than you might imagine. But whether they’re driven by insecurity, ambition, or something else — paying for fans is a desperate move born out of a misunderstanding of how artists succeed in today’s post-label landscape.

Be smarter than that. Invest your time and marketing money in something that will help you find your real fans. For example, if you were going to spend $100 boosting your SoundCloud listens, use that same money to print nice one-sheets/press releases and mail out 10 CDs to 10 community radio stations who will help you chart on !earshot and CMJ.

10. Don’t stop once you pick up momentum

Do stay active and inspired

So things are working out for you? You had an amazing album release party? Sold a lot of merch? Getting some small festival bookings? Don’t slow down! That right there is called momentum… or the more cool term for it is buzz. And the worst thing you can do is get too comfortable and stop hustling.

Buzz is that mysterious aura of popularity that surrounds an artist who hustles right. It can be seen when they play, it can be felt from their recordings and it is usually the factor that sets them apart from the pack. When you begin to achieve this buzz, make sure you always have new shows to play, new music to release, and new merch to sell.