Buck-N-Nice release new music video for “Welcome to Infinity”

On March 5th, Buck-N-Nice released visuals for “Welcome to Infinity”; their first video single from their forthcoming sophomore album, EMAG (slotted for a summer 2016 independent release). The video was filmed in a single day at various locations of historic monuments in Toronto by Boom Shoal Enterprises, who also directed, produced and edited the piece.

Impressed by their body of work, which includes music videos for some of Canada’s most prolific rap artists, Buck-N-Nice reached out to Boom Shoal’s Director, Dan Jardine, and Producer, Alexandra Zampino, with the hopes of collaborating on the visuals for this powerful single – a song that unveils the real truths about our Nation’s past. The song was well received by the pair, and the film concept they thought up painted perfect imagery to match the record. The dull color correcting sets the tone as the seamless transitions walk the viewer through a constant changing setting of various historic statues.

“We decided this was going to be the first single from the album before it was even finished. It was originally an a cappella single verse for live shows, that was written as a poem, but after being approached by multiple people about how the content was slightly offensive or bold, we were slightly offended and decided to get bold,” says SawBuck, the rapper half of Buck-N-Nice. “This song is to wake people up. Offended? Say it. We don’t write lies to make people feel comfortable.”

It’s a dark song with heavy underlying messages, which is why the visuals were shot in such a way to encompass this mood. Everything was calculated to best portray the theme that the history books are missing a lot of what really happened, with the victors deciding what will be passed on in their stories, taught as facts.

Buck-N-Nice are known for being real before real was cool. This is just another example of how they’re able to convey socially conscious material in a catchy way. This record is written about the unjust past and present treatment, genocide and assimilation of First Nations Peoples of the Americas, but can still be related to other cultures who’ve experienced or are experiencing similar injustices. If it makes people uncomfortable, it probably means they know it’s true.

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Buck-N-Nice are rapper SawBuck and producer DJ So Nice, a Canadian hip hop duo that were real before real was cool. Hailing out of the Nation’s Capital, they’ve positioned themselves as the unicorns of this rap business.

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