New Single: Care Less


Buck-N-Nice are attacking 2018, and their sophomore album release, with a purpose. “Care Less” is the first of several singles promoting the 14 track project that lets people know where they stand with just about everything. From the smoke and mirrors and snake moves of the suits and fellow artists in the game, to their no hold bars approach to real life matters.

Since the release of their debut, “Us Versus Them”, BNN have gone on to perform at some of the biggest music festivals, sold out shows, and are recipients of Stingray Music’s Rising Star Award. After a hiatus to take care of family matters, the duo are back, hungrier than ever, with the know-how they once lacked.

Much like the rest of EMAG, “Care Less” is a different sound from the traditional sound BNN started with. It’s a cross to the commercial while maintaining the integrity of the underground. Buck-N-Nice have never been shy about calling people out, and this is a prime example. Obtaining top tier status in their own lane took one album, so now they’re out for the next throne. This record is challenging the fakes they’ve encountered on the way, and the ones they haven’t met yet. Real recognize real, and they don’t see too many people out here.

What does confidence mixed with hunger sound like? This!

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